Tim Love Catering prepares a range of flavorful meats and treats at Chef Tim Love’s home office near Downtown Fort Worth. Flavor House products are available for purchase on FlavorHouseLove.com. We offer 3 types of tasty sausages, two varieties of handmade tamales, and more! Check out some of our favorite goodies below:

Baby Back Pork Ribs

ribsWe season our Baby Back Pork Ribs with a house blend of herbs & spices then smoke them over flavorful hickory.

Whole Pork Loin

pork loin This 9-10lb Pork Loin is seasoned with a special blend of herbs & spices, seared on a Plancha, and finished in a hickory smoker.

Colorado Lamb Rack

lamb rackWe season and smoke this whole 2-3lb rack to give it an incredible hickory flavor.

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